Handling a Truck Injury Case

There are various devices that assist in the process of determining if New Mexico trucking law has been violated. All semi trucks passing through New Mexico may carry “black boxes” or recording devises that contain detailed information on what happened during an accident immediately before and after impact. In addition to black boxes, semi truck drivers passing through New Mexico are often required to maintain logs documenting their trip. These logs provide insight into whether Federal and New Mexico trucking laws have been followed.

While these pieces of information can substantially help a New Mexico truck accident case, the first step is to preserve them. It is easy for black boxes to loose their data depending on the condition of the semi truck, and the logs may only have to be kept for a matter of weeks. Despite a New Mexico statute of limitations that may allow for lengthy time to file a New Mexico semi truck accident case, it is important to contact a Truck Accident Attorney without delay to preserve evidence that may help win a case.

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