What Not to Do

  1. Wait to get a lawyer
    Especially true in semi truck accident cases, waiting can be very harmful. Immediately following a semi truck accident there is valuable information that must be protected. Failure to act quickly may allow the semi trucking company to destroy crucial information.

  2. Wait to get treatment
    Sometimes people injured in semi truck accidents hold off on receiving treatment until they hear from the semi truck company. Taking this approach may allow for the semi trucking company to later make a claim that the semi truck accident caused no serious injuries since so much time went by before there was any medical treatment. For this reason it is wise to seek medical attention immediately if you believe it is necessary. If you have questions you can always contact an semi truck accident attorney.

  3. Talk to the insurance company
    While some insurance companies may truly have your interests in mind, many approach semi truck accident cases asking, “What is the least amount of money we have to pay to make this case go away?” Buy talking to the insurance company you may be helping them more than yourself.

  4. Hire an attorney without asking the important questions
    Semi truck accident attorneys should always be prepared to take a case to trial. This means not only extra work, but extra resources. Some semi truck companies may try to work semi truck accident lawyer to the ground. In selecting a semi truck accident attorney it is wise to explore his or her resources, experience, and track record.

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