Wrongful Death

New Mexico Wrongful Death Lawyer

New Mexico Wrongful Death lawyers understand that no amount of recovery in a wrongful death case can bring a loved one back. Nonetheless, as experienced New Mexico Wrongful Death lawyers we have seen such proceeds be used for many good things such as paying for a child’s college or helping relieve life’s future stresses.

New Mexico Wrongful Death cases often arise from car, truck, or motorcycle accidents, drunk driving accidents, medical malpractice, or product liability cases. The New Mexico Wrongful Death Statute provides a basis for bringing such cases. One of the most difficult aspects of a New Mexico Wrongful Death case is determining how much compensation is appropriate. To assist with this process, New Mexico has implemented Uniform Jury Instructions which among other things address:

  • The value of lost earnings
  • The value of pain and suffering
  • The value of wrongful death damages, and
  • Mortality tables.

These Jury Instructions help New Mexico juries in their always difficult role of trying to answer how much to award in a wrongful death case.

New Mexico Wrongful Death Law states that the wrongful death case must be brought by a representative of the plaintiff’s estate. Naming the personal representative is often the first step in proceeding with a wrongful death case. An experienced New Mexico wrongful death lawyer can discuss with you New Mexico Wrongful Death law and how it applies to your case.

For more information regarding New Mexico wrongful death cases including who is entitled to recover New Mexico Wrongful Death proceeds, visit our New Mexico Wrongful Death Law page.

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