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Carlsbad Premises Liability Attorney

If you or a loved one suffer injuries on someone else’s property, that property owner may owe you for your medical bills and other damages. Call the Carlsbad premises liability attorneys at The Fine Law Firm to find out if you qualify for compensation.

The Fine Law Firm is known for:

  • Excellence in the practice of personal injury law;
  • Being a local leader in the legal community; and
  • Protecting individuals harmed by the negligence of others.

Property owners have to keep their premises safe for guests and customers. When they fail to do so, The Fine Law Firm is ready to fight for you. Call us in Carlsbad today and schedule your complimentary, confidential consultation.

What Can a Carlsbad Premises Liability Attorney Do for Me?

Premises liability claims are complex, and New Mexico maintains strict timelines for filing premises liability lawsuits. When you retain The Fine Law Firm, we begin building your claim right away and discuss all of your potential legal options.

Our process follows these or similar steps:

  • Identify all liable parties;
  • Determine any sources of compensation;
  • Interview witnesses and gather evidence;
  • Assess the value of your claim;
  • Hire any needed experts;
  • Represent your best interests during settlement negotiations; and
  • File a lawsuit and proceed with a trial if necessary.

A Carlsbad premises liability attorney from The Fine Law Firm can help you obtain the medical care and compensation you deserve. Our attorneys are available by phone or appointment after hours and on weekends. We look forward to serving you.

What is a Premises Liability?

Premises liability refers to the responsibility of a property owner to maintain reasonably safe premises for visitors. If a visitor incurs injuries due to hazardous or dangerous conditions on a property, the owner may be liable for their injuries and any associated costs.

Property owners do not owe all visitors to their property the same level of care. Instead, the care shown to a visitor depends on the visitor’s status. Traditionally, there are three classifications of visitors. These are invitees, licensees, and trespassers.

  • Invitees. Invitees are usually invited guests to the property and include friends and neighbors. Property owners must keep their premises reasonably safe for invitees;
  • Licensees. Licensees enter a property with permission but usually for their own reasons. They include salespeople. Property owners must warn licensees of any hidden dangers; and
  • Trespassers. While property owners generally owe trespassers no duty of care, there are exceptions. This can include children.

Premises Liability Accidents and Injuries

There is a wide range of premises liability accidents. Claims can arise from injuries that occur in businesses, homes, workplaces, and government facilities. Some of the more common premises liability claims involve:

  • Slips, trips, and falls;
  • Poor property maintenance;
  • Negligent security;
  • Elevator and escalator accidents;
  • Dog bites;
  • Fires;
  • Swimming pools;
  • Electrocutions;
  • Amusement park accidents;
  • Stair collapse;
  • Flooding; and
  • Toxic fumes and chemicals.

The most common premises liability claim is a slip and fall injury. A victim often slips on loose carpet, debris, or flooring and falls onto the hard floor or hazard. The most common slip and fall injuries include:

If a property owner’s negligence caused you or a loved one injuries, call The Fine Law Firm. One of our premises liability attorneys will answer your legal questions and discuss the types of compensation that may be available to you. Take your first step towards recovering your life. Call The Fine Law Firm today.