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Scootering Under the Influence Is Illegal in New Mexico

Posted in Bicycle Accidents
Rentable electric scooters, or e-scooters, have become a popular mode of transportation in cities across New Mexico. They have created some confusion for operators, as they fall somewhere between a motorized vehicle and a recreational device. New Mexico law is clear, however: people who operate e-scooters are required to follow traffic laws, including driving while... read more
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How to File a Product Liability Claim for Amazon

Posted in Product Liability
Every year, thousands of consumers get injured by defective and dangerous products. As the number one largest platform in the world for purchasing goods online, it is no surprise that Amazon sells defective, dangerous and recalled products to customers each year. If you get injured by a defective product you ordered from Amazon, find out... read more
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Dangers of Wearing a Claw Clip While Driving

Posted in Personal Injury
Plastic and metal claw clips – hair clips with prongs on both sides that come together to hold the hair –are a popular choice of hair accessory among women. Unfortunately, most people do not realize the potential dangers of wearing a claw clip while driving or riding in a car. Car accidents involving claw clips... read more
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How Are Slip & Fall Claims Calculated in New Mexico?

Posted in Slip & Fall
Slip and fall accidents can inflict life-changing injuries on victims that require thousands of dollars in medical costs, such as long-term therapies and rehabilitation. Victims can also suffer lost wages from being unable to work, physical pain and suffering, and emotional trauma. Understanding how slip and fall claims are calculated can help you understand what... read more
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