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Can I Recover Damages for Whiplash in a Car Accident?

Posted in Auto Accidents
Whiplash is the most common neck injury caused in a car accident, especially in rear-end and side collisions. Symptoms may not appear for a day or more after a crash, but that does not take away from their severity. Although whiplash is considered a minor soft-tissue injury, it has the potential to cause long-term repercussions.... read more
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How Are Businesses Liable for Products Sold to Customers?

Posted in Product Liability
When commercial products harm the average consumer, federal and state laws are in place to hold retailers accountable. Although they may not have been responsible for manufacturing the defective product, they can still be legally liable for selling it. Business Owners Have a Duty to Protect Their Customers When a business or retailer advertises an... read more
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Who Is Liable In A House Fire Accident?

Posted in Insurance Companies
The damage caused by a house fire is often avoidable. In these tragic accidents, carelessness or defective equipment are often the culprits. However, who is liable in a house fire accident will depend on its cause and whether it was set on purpose or accidental. Liability for Accidental House Fires The damage and any injuries... read more
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