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The Applicability of New Mexico’s Dram Shop Law

Posted in Drunk Driving
New Mexico sees over 100 drunk driving deaths per year. When a motorist is injured in a New Mexico drunk driving accident, they can pursue a claim against the drunk driver through a New Mexico car accident lawsuit. However, under the state’s Dram Shop law, there may be other potentially liable parties that can also... read more
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New Mexico’s Comparative Negligence Statute Allows More Plaintiffs to Recover for Their Injuries

Posted in Auto Accidents
The requirements of filing a personal injury lawsuit are generally the same throughout the United States, but the outcomes of similar cases can vastly differ, depending on where the case is filed. The reason for this discrepancy is due, among other things, to the various rules surrounding the apportionment of fault and liability, subrogation, and... read more
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New Mexico Supreme Court Rules on Whether Traditional Indemnity Can Be Utilized Even With State’s Adoption of Comparative Fault

Posted in Firm News
Earlier this month, the New Mexico Supreme Court released its opinion regarding the applicability of traditional indemnification in the state following a personal injury lawsuit. The case stems from an accident in which a mother was changing her baby’s diaper in a Safeway Grocery store in the state. While the mother was changing her baby, the... read more
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