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Insurance Stacking Is Permitted by Default in New Mexico

Posted in Auto Accidents
In many New Mexico car accident cases, courts are tasked with interpreting the written language of an insurance policy. This is because insurance policies are essentially written contracts, and are governed by contract law. However, due to the complex nature of the insurance business and the fact that all motorists must obtain car insurance, most... read more
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The Applicability of New Mexico’s Dram Shop Law

Posted in Drunk Driving
New Mexico sees over 100 drunk driving deaths per year. When a motorist is injured in a New Mexico drunk driving accident, they can pursue a claim against the drunk driver through a New Mexico car accident lawsuit. However, under the state’s Dram Shop law, there may be other potentially liable parties that can also... read more
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Court Holds Casino May Be Liable for an Independent Contractor’s Injuries Caused by a Defective Ladder

Posted in Firm News
In a recent opinion, a state appellate court discussed whether a casino could be held liable for injuries sustained by an independent contractor when while crossing a small gap between the casino’s main building and a stationary gaming boat. The case presents an interesting issue that frequently arises in New Mexico personal injury cases involving... read more
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