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Just How Likely Are You to Be in an Albuquerque Accident

Posted in Auto Accidents

Albuquerque accidents are common, and everyone seems to complain about the awful drivers unique to the Duke City. However a study of Albuquerque car accidents, as they compare to cities from around the Nation, attempts to rank exactly who holds the title as the “Nations Worst Drivers.”I’m not sure if people will be happy or sad to hear that Albuquerque’s drivers and are not the worst, and Albuquerque car accidents not more common than anywhere else. Rather, according to the study published by Allstate’s annual America’s Best Drivers Report. Of the 193 cities involved in the accident study, Albuquerque came in at 76. The worst drivers, according to the study come from Washinton DC where motorists are likely to be in an accident every 5.2. The Nation’s best driver are in Sioux Falls and are involved in accident only once every 13.5. As for Albuquerque drivers, you can expect to be in an Albuquerque auto accident once every 9.6 years.