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Parking to Blame for Fatal Grants Accident

Posted in Auto Accidents

A weekend accident in Grants, New Mexico cost one man his life and seriously injured another. The four vehicle Grants car accident occurred when a truck occupied by two men attempted to make and left hand turn in a crowded and congested area of Grants. Specifically, the accident occurred in Grants on Santa Fe Ave between Corley Ford and Indian Trails Trading Post. The area sees heavy traffic on weekends when people come out for the Grants flea market.More than most New Mexico accidents, location is playing a big role in this fatal crash. Officials have pointed out that Grants officials had placed “No Parking” signs in the area to relieve some of the congestion but they were ignored. Local business seem to be suggesting that the signs were never enforced and people continued to park in the crowded area making things worse.

New Mexico personal injury lawyers are aware that accidents such as these bring up an important aspect of New Mexico law. Considering that New Mexico is a comparative fault state, there could be possible claims against the negligent drivers involved in the accident as well as those that broke the law parking in illegal areas, the business that may have allowed them to do so, and perhaps the law enforcement officials for not enforcing the no-parking zones despite knowing that a dangerous condition existed. Secondly, under New Mexico law, if there is a claim against law enforcement officials, it is know as a New Mexico Tort Claim and requires action within ninety days.