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Fatal Albuquerque Motorcycle Accidents & How to Handle The Motorcycle Bias

Posted in Auto Accidents

A westside Albuquerque motorcycle accident recently turned fatal. The motorcycle crash occurred in Albuquerque at Sevilla and Montano at approximately noon on Friday. When many people, including juries, hear about a motorcycle accidents, they immediately assume that the motorcycle is at fault. In this particular motorcycle accident this false assumption could not be further from the truth.In fact, authorities are reporting that the Albuquerque motorcycle accident occurred when the motorcyclist was stopped at a red light at Sevilla and was struck from behind by a van. Remarkably, early news accounts of the fatal Albuquerque motorcycle accident on Montano felt the need to bring up the fact that the motorcyclist was not wearing a helmet. This outrageously insignificant and legally irrelevant fact highlights the strong bias that people have in motorcycle accident cases. Certainly the presence of a helmet would not have prevented this Albuquerque wrongful death accident but it shows the eagerness people have to blame the motorcycle rider.

A New Mexico motorcycle accident lawyer should be prepared to address these biases and preconceptions in order to achieve the highest possible recovery for the client.