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Stopping New Mexico Accidents by Better Testing?

Posted in Auto Accidents

A local Albuquerque television station recently did a report on the requirements necessary to obtain a New Mexico driver’s license. Specifically, the report focused on the 25 question driving test in which it is necessary to correctly answer 18 questions to pass. From an Albuquerque personal injury lawyer‘s perspective, I watched the report wondering if more stringent testing requirements would decrease the number of accidents on Albuquerque streets. Honestly, I don’t think it would make much of a difference.
In my experience meeting with victims of Albuquerque car accidents, very rarely can I say that an accident occurred because somebody did not properly tap their breaks or pull over for an approaching emergency vehicle. Instead, accidents occur most often from a lapse in attention, or a conscious decision to drive dangerously and erratically.

Currently, at least according to the news report, drivers must answer 18 of 25 questions correctly. This is essentially asking for a 72%, or C-, grade to pass a driver’s test. Even if the necessary score were increased, I do not believe that it is going to prevent some people from speeding, running red lights, or not properly yielding to oncoming vehicles. Simply put, I believe that many Albuquerque car accidents occur because people choose to be risky and dangerous drivers, not that they simply do not understand driving rules.

Nonetheless, it is an interesting report by Shelton Dodson. If you want test yourself, you can try a sample New Mexico drivers license test.