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Handling a Truck Injury Case

Most any semi truck accident attorney should be able to explain how handling a truck accident case is different than a more common car accident case.  However, before developing a plan on how to handle a truck accident case, a lawyer must be aware of the numerous factors that set them apart.  Specifically, the numerous laws and regulations that apply to truck drivers and trucking companies, the various records that must be kept and stored, as well as the on-board trucking technology that records crucial information separate most any truck accident case from a car accident.

Given these differences, an experienced truck accident lawyer should waste no time in beginning an investigation of the accident.  This investigation should include not only a review of the accident itself including the existence of any truck accident witnesses and supplemental police reports and evidence, but the truck accident investigation should also explore the driver involved, his or her employment history, the company that employed the driver as well as the trucking company’s safety record, an accident history of the tractor and/or trailer involved, and if possible a thorough inspection of the semi truck by an experienced truck accident expert witness.

Sometimes the crucial piece of evidence in a truck accident case can be found in records that were kept months before the accident, a page in a truck driver’s employment file, or a single line of data downloaded from an onboard computer. For these reasons, an experienced and qualified truck accident attorney must be able to quickly assess the accident and cast a broad net to reveal every piece of information.  From there, the attorney must comb and sift through all of the data and information that is recovered to be able to isolate what is necessary and start crafting a narrative explaining not just how the truck accident occurred, but also why.

Because truck accident cases usually involve life-changing injuries or even death, and because the companies involved are usually large national outfits with significant assets, the stakes are always high in a truck accident case.  An experienced truck accident lawyer should be both aggressive and thorough in presenting the case.  Often times truck accident cases do not settle until the eve of trial.  For this reason, it is generally prudent to pursue these cases as if they were going to trial and retain all of the experts at an early stage to maximize their effect on the case and its final value.

While it is always wise to at least contact an Albuquerque accident attorney after an accident or injury, it is especially important in truck accident cases.  Many of the trucking records that federal rules require be kept, need to only be stored for a matter of months.  This means that if quick action is not taken in a truck accident case, crucial evidence can be destroyed that may make a very meaningful difference later on.

One of the first steps to take after a truck accident is to speak with an attorney. At the Fine Law Firm, our attorneys offer consultations to discuss the accident, what steps we recommend taking, and how to preserve evidence.  The truck accident consultation is free and there are no strings attached.