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Alamogordo Premises Liability Attorney

If you or a loved one suffer injuries due to a property owner’s negligence, you may seek compensation through a premises liability claim. Property owners in New Mexico have a fundamental duty to protect or warn lawful visitors from or about dangerous conditions on their property. When they fail to do so, The Fine Law Firm can help you pursue a legal claim against that negligent property owner.

The Fine Law Firm has:

  • More than forty years and two generations of experience in New Mexico personal injury law;
  • The resources and knowledge to fight large insurance companies; and
  • Compassionate, attentive attorneys who will give you the representation you deserve.

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How Can an Alamogordo Premises Liability Attorney Help Me?

When you retain a skilled Alamogordo premises liability attorney from The Fine Law firm, your attorney will help build the best claim possible to ensure you receive maximum compensation for your accident injuries. Making your claim also prepares your case for trial should trial become necessary.

Your Alamogordo premises liability attorney will generally do the following:

  • Investigate your accident;
  • Speak with any witnesses;
  • Determine all liable parties and sources of compensation;
  • Negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf; and
  • If negotiations are unsuccessful, take your case to trial.

Allowing The Fine Law Firm to handle your premises liability claim, gives you the time and peace of mind to focus on your health and well-being. Take the first step towards relieving yourself of some of the financial, legal, mental, and emotional weight of your accident. Call The Fine Law Firm now.

What is a Premises Liability Claim?

A premises liability claim may arise from any accident occurring on commercial, private, residential, or government property. These accidents can happen in city streets, parking lots, or even a neighbor’s home.

Common premises liability claims include the following:

  • Slip, trip, and falls;
  • Falling objects;
  • Dog bites;
  • Negligent security;
  • Swimming pool accidents;
  • Amusement park accidents; and
  • Elevator and escalator accidents.

Establishing a Premises Liability Claim

Specific facts need establishing to prove a premises liability claim. The first is that the property owner or possessor owed the visitor a duty of care. Property owners or possessors do not owe all visitors to their property the same duty of care.

There are generally three types of visitors to property: invitees, licensees, and trespassers. The duty of care owed each is as follows:

  • Invitees. Invitees include retail guests and customers. Owners need to maintain a reasonably safe property for invitees;
  • Licensees. Licensees enter property with permission but for a personal purpose. Owners owe licensees a duty to notify them of dangerous conditions that are uneasily identifiable; and
  • Trespassers. Trespassers enter a property without the owner’s permission. Owners owe trespassers little to no duty.

There is potentially a fourth type of visitor to a property, children. Property owners may face liability for the injuries of trespassing children under specific legal situations. It is best to seek advice from an experienced premises liability attorney for claims involving children.

An injured victim must next prove the property owner or possessor breached their duty of care, and that breach caused the victim’s injuries. In other words, the victim only suffered injuries because the property owner or possessor failed to maintain reasonably safe premises for invitees or did not notify licensees of dangerous conditions on the property.

Compensation in a Premises Liability Claim

Compensation in a premises liability claim depends on the types and extent of a victim’s injuries. However, most claims in personal injury cases include compensation for:

  • Medical expenses, both current and future;
  • Lost wages;
  • Loss of income;
  • Pain and suffering; and
  • Wrongful death in the event of a loved one.

Premises liability accidents may result in serious injuries such as broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Getting help from one of the experienced attorneys at The Fine Law Firm can make a difference in the types and amounts of recovery you receive for your accident injuries. Call our premises liability attorneys today for a claim evaluation.

At The Fine Law Firm, we are compassionate and understanding of victims’ needs. Our premises liability attorneys offer clients the representation and strong advocacy they deserve.