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Carlsbad Workplace Accident Lawyer

Workplace accidents happen every day in New Mexico. If you or a loved one suffer a workplace injury through no fault of your own, call The Fine Law Firm. We pride ourselves on serving the workers of New Mexico and helping them secure the benefits and compensation they and their families need.

At The Fine Law Firm, our Carlsbad  workplace accident attorneys are:

  • Experienced in workplace injury law and workers’ compensation;
  • Service-oriented with your best interests and focus in mind; and
  • Passionate in pursuing and holding third-parties accountable for the harm they cause hard-working people like you.

Call and schedule a free case evaluation today. There is no risk to you. One of our Carlsbad workplace accident attorneys can answer your questions and assist you in exploring any available legal routes for your claim.

What Can a Carlsbad Workplace Accident Attorney Do for Me?

A skilled workplace accident attorney is invaluable in any workers’ compensation or work injury claim. The claims process is complicated, has numerous deadlines, and requires large amounts of paperwork. It is easy to miss a filing date or send in incomplete or incorrect information.

Rather than worry about your legal processes, let a Carlsbad  workplace accident attorney from The Fine Law Firm handle those matters on your behalf. Your workplace accident attorney can:

  • Explain the claims process to you;
  • Help you gather any necessary documentation;
  • Speak with your employer and the insurance company(s) on your behalf;
  • Help file your claim for benefits;
  • If needed, appeal any denials for benefits and attend hearings; and
  • Negotiate any settlements and go to trial on any third-party personal injury claims.

Let an attorney from The Fine Law Firm review your workplace accident claim. There is no reason to take on the frustration of a workplace accident injury alone. Contact us to begin your claim today.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workers’ compensation insurance is for workers who fall ill from or suffer from work-related injuries. It is a state-run system that provides benefits regardless of liability for the accident. However, applying for and receiving benefits is not always an easy task.

In New Mexico, all employers with three or more regular employees must carry workers’ compensation insurance with a few exceptions. To receive benefits, an accident claim needs reporting within fifteen days. Workers’ compensation covers all required medical treatment for a work injury as well as disability benefits.

Workers’ compensation claims are subject to denial. When denied, a successful appeal is necessary to obtain benefits. All workers’ compensation filings follow strict deadlines and require complete documentation and paperwork.

Third-Party Claims

Workers’ compensation only covers medical bills and a portion of an employee’s wages. Often this does not meet all of an injured employee’s expenses and losses. A third-party lawsuit allows for damages workers’ compensation does not and can bridge the gap between the two.

Non-employers can contribute to a worker’s injury or the condition that caused their injury. In the event a third-party is partially responsible for a workplace accident injury, a worker may file both a personal injury lawsuit and a workers’ compensation claim. Potential third-party claims may include:

  • Manufacturers and suppliers of faulty parts and equipment;
  • Contractors and subcontractors supervising a worksite; and
  • Operators of non-company vehicles.

New Mexico places strict time limits on filing third-party claims as well as workers’ compensation claims. Therefore, if you believe you may have a claim for either type of compensation, it is vital to contact an experienced New Mexico workplace accident attorney right away.

At The Fine Law Firm, one of our workplace accident attorneys will examine your injury claim to determine all potentially liable parties and sources of recovery. We want you to receive the best possible result in your workplace accident claim and will strive to get you the maximum benefits and compensation available for your claim.