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Clovis Workplace Accident Attorney

When you suffer injuries on the job, a Clovis workplace accident attorney from The Fine Law Firm will help you seek the maximum recovery available from workers’ compensation and any potential third-party liability claims. Our workplace accident attorneys want to guide you through the workplace accident process and put you on the road to recovery after getting hurt at work.

The Fine Law Firm is:

  • Skilled and respected locally and nationally;
  • Trial-ready at all times; and
  • A local New Mexico establishment for over forty years.

Call our team of New Mexico workplace accident attorneys and set up a free claim evaluation. Your injuries cost you time off of work, medical bills, and pain and suffering. You deserve compensation for all of these reasons and more.

How a Clovis Workplace Accident Attorney Can Help

At The Fine Law Firm, one of our workplace accident attorneys will let you know if you are getting your full amount of workers’ compensation benefits and whether you qualify for a personal injury lawsuit against a third-party for your workplace injuries. Our Clovis workplace accident attorneys will also aid you by:

  • Appealing any workers’ compensation claim denials;
  • Negotiating any workers’ compensation settlements;
  • Representing you in any workers’ compensation hearings;
  • Protecting you from any employer retaliation;
  • Pursuing a workplace injury claim or a civil lawsuit against a third-party for your injuries;
  • Negotiating a third-party settlement; or
  • Taking a third-party lawsuit before a judge and jury.

The Fine Law Firm has compassionate, dedicated New Mexico personal injury lawyers waiting to speak with you. We only get paid when we recover compensation for you. If you are unable to come to our office, we will visit you.

Workers’ Compensation vs. Third-Party Claims

Workers’ compensation covers injuries that happen during work hours and activities. Workers’ compensation requires workers immediately notify a supervisor of any injuries. The employer is responsible for paying for any accident-related medical care, temporary or permanent disability, and other potential benefits.

Nearly all employers carry workers’ compensation insurance in New Mexico. Workers’ compensation is a “no-fault” system, meaning that regardless of who is to blame for an accident, benefits will apply. In return for quick, unquestionable benefits, workers give up the right to sue their employers.

However, some workplace injuries involve third parties, someone other than the employer. If this is the case, an injured worker may file a workers’ compensation claim, personal injury claim, or some combination of the two. Often worker injuries and losses require both types of claims for full compensation.

Third-parties who may share or take full responsibility for a worker injury include the following:

  • The designer or manufacturer of a defective piece of equipment;
  • A driver of another vehicle, like a delivery truck;
  • The maker of a toxic substance; and
  • A contractor or subcontractor in charge of a worksite.

Damages are available in third-party lawsuits that are not in a workers’ compensation claim such as pain and suffering, loss of the enjoyment of life, and mental trauma. These types of damages make up a category of compensation known as non-economic damages.

Common Workplace Accidents

The most common workplace afflicted by worker accidents is the construction industry with other factory and industrial-type workplaces placing second. Common types of workplace accident injuries are:

  • Scaffolding falls;
  • Struck-by object accidents;
  • Caught-in-between accidents;
  • Electrocution;
  • Power tool accidents;
  • Asbestos exposure;
  • Repetitive motion injuries,
  • Heavy equipment injuries;
  • Conveyor belt accidents;
  • Slip and fall injuries;
  • Fires and explosions;
  • Exposure to toxins;
  • Chemical burns; and
  • Auto accidents.

There are deadlines to file both workers’ compensation claims and third-party personal injury claims. It is vital to contact a Clovis workplace accident attorney, like those at The Fine Law Firm, right away to avoid missing your opportunity to recover.

At The Fine Law Firm, we dedicate ourselves to providing clients just like you with the legal help, support, and guidance they deserve. Our workplace accident attorneys will help you with any type of workplace claim from assisting you with filing for workers’ compensation to filing a third-party lawsuit. Contact The Fine Law Firm today to get started.