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Farmington Workplace Accident Attorney

When you or a loved one suffer from a workplace accident, The Fine Law Firm will help guide you through your workers’ compensation claim, personal injury claim, or both. Workplace accident claims are complex, and knowing your rights is essential.

At The Fine Law Firm, our workplace accident attorneys are:

  • Experienced and dependable advocates for you and your family;
  • Qualified in all areas of workplace accident law including workers’ compensation; and
  • Compassionate and understanding of your situation and needs as an injured worker.

Call us today and schedule your confidential consultation. We never charge any upfront fees and are not paid until we win your claim. The workplace accident attorneys at The Fine Law Firm will start working on your claim immediately.

What Can a Farmington Workplace Accident Attorney Do for Me?

A New Mexico workplace accident attorney from The Fine Law Firm will protect you from unfair claim denials based on bad faith or lack of evidence. We will also investigate your workplace accident claim for any liable parties that do not include your employer.

Additionally, The Fine Law Firm attorneys will help you by:

  • Working with you to choose a physician if needed;
  • Managing your claims process;
  • Negotiating your settlement; and
  • If there is no fair settlement, litigating your case.

Most workplace accident claims never go to court. However, the Farmington workplace accident attorneys at The Fine Law Firm are trial-ready at all times. If you encounter any obstacles trying to recover compensation for your workplace injuries, call us right away for help.

Types of Workplace Accidents

Workers have the right to a safe working environment. However, accidents occur every day due to the negligence of coworkers, employers, and defects in equipment. Typical workplace accidents include the following:

  • Slips, trips, and falls;
  • Falls from heights;
  • Falling objects;
  • Vehicle/transportation accidents;
  • Equipment and machinery accidents;
  • Explosions;
  • Fires;
  • Electrocutions; and
  • Building and trench collapse.

Workplace accidents can be severe and result in lifelong, debilitating injuries, or even death. Some of the most critical workplace injuries are:

  • Head and brain injuries, including traumatic brain injuries (TBI);
  • Burn injuries;
  • Electrocution injuries;
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis;
  • Loss of limb;
  • Bone breaks and fractures;
  • Crushing injuries;
  • Toxic chemical injuries; and
  • Internal injuries.

What to do After a Workplace Accident

There are steps to take after a workplace accident to protect one’s legal rights to workers’ compensation benefits and a potential personal injury lawsuit. These are the following:

  • Seek emergency medical care right away;
  • Immediately notify the employer;
  • Follow all of the doctor’s instructions and attend any scheduled appointments;
  • Check to make sure the employer filed a workers’ compensation claim;
  • Hire a workplace accident attorney.

In New Mexico, there is a fifteen-day requirement to report an injury to one’s employer. The report must be in writing and presented within fifteen days of the injury. Failure to make this report may disqualify a worker from receiving any workers’ compensation medical, income replacement, or permanent disability benefits.

It is especially important to speak with one of the Farmington workplace accident attorneys at The Fine Law Firm if your injuries are severe, your employer denied your workers’ compensation claim, or someone other than your employer caused your workplace injuries. Contact our office today. We are local attorneys proud to serve our fellow New Mexicans.