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Rio Rancho Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Medical Malpractice in Rio Rancho, New Mexico

When a trusted medical professional harms you or a loved one, you have legal options. Although the majority of medical professionals treat patients with a high level of care, even the best may commit malpractice. These medical errors may lead to patient injury and even death.

At The Fine Law Firm, our medical malpractice attorneys will review your claim at no expense to you and answer your legal questions.

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How a Rio Rancho Medical Malpractice Attorney Can Help You

Medical malpractice claims are complex and require both medical and legal knowledge. Insurance companies work hard to fight medical malpractice claims. When they do offer settlements, insurance companies often try to settle quickly and for less than a claim is worth.

Having a seasoned Rio Rancho medical malpractice attorney, like those at The Fine Law Firm, on your side, can improve your chances of winning and receiving a just and fair amount of compensation for your claim. The attorneys at The Fine Law Firm will aid your claim by:

  • Investigating your case
  • Determining liability for your injuries
  • Hiring medical experts to establish your claim
  • Gathering evidence
  • Organizing and filing your lawsuit
  • Proving malpractice and damages
  • Negotiating and, if needed, taking your case to court

What is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice occurs when a medical professional treats a patient in a way that another doctor in a similar circumstance, with comparable training, would not. There are many types of medical malpractice claims. Some of the more common claims include:

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Delayed diagnosis
  • Birth injuries
  • Medication errors
  • Surgical errors
  • Failure to treat
  • Improper treatment

Any medical professional may be subject to a medical malpractice claim, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Nurses
  • Physicians
  • Surgeons
  • Anesthesiologists
  • Lab technicians
  • Psychiatrists
  • Pharmacists

Medical Malpractice Compensation in New Mexico

Victims of medical malpractice in New Mexico must file their claims within three years of the date of injury. Otherwise, they lose their right to recover for their losses. While there are some exceptions to this rule, it is best to speak with an experienced medical malpractice attorney for clarification.

New Mexico also sets limits on the amount of damages a victim receives for their losses. When a jury decides in favor of a victim, the cap on non-economic damages in a medical malpractice case is $600,000. Non-economic damages include compensation for the following:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental and emotional trauma
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium

New Mexico limits economic damages to the payment of current medical bills and actual future medical bills. Estimated or speculative amounts of future medical bills are unacceptable.

Get Skilled Legal Assitance With Your Case

If you need more information about a medical malpractice claim or need a possible settlement reviewed, call The Fine Law Firm. Our medical malpractice attorneys recover compensation for clients 99% of the time. We are available twenty-four hours a day and will come to you if needed.

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