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A Third Eye Watching Over Albuquerque?

Posted in Auto Accidents

According to a foreign research company, it may not be long before New Mexicans have a third eye watching their every move. The company has found a way to install a small camera in the front windshield of most vehicles for under $1000.The camera, or “eye” constantly monitors obstacles approaching the vehicle and notifies the driver regarding any potential danger. The goal of the device is clearly to prevent car, truck, and motorcycle accidents. It is currently being tested by the Dutch government and pending its trial phase may be seen in all vehicles before long.

Its features include the ability to warn drivers when they are tailgating, drifting out of their lane, or approaching a stopped or rapidly slowing vehicle. Although it is nice to contemplate the technology working in making the roads safer, it is hard to reason that tailgaters drive the way they do not because they choose to, but rather they are unaware they are doing it.

Even if the technology lives up to half its billing, it has the potential to be one of the most revolutionary vehicle safety advances in recent history.