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AAA Study Claims Drivers in New Mexico and Elsewhere are Distracted by In-Dash Technology

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A study conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety claims technology installed in a vehicle’s dash that allows motorists to text or email using voice commands is more distracting than using a mobile telephone. In recent years, car manufacturers have reportedly made attempts to increase sales to younger audiences using in-dash entertainment systems. Prior to the AAA study, many apparently believed such hands-free technology increases motorist safety. Still, car accidents in New Mexico and nationwide are common.

According to the recent study, drivers who talk on a handheld telephone are not significantly more distracted than those who use a hands-free device. In addition, the study found that motorists who use talk-to-text technology are more distracted from the roadway than those who merely speak with another person. Lead study author and University of Utah Psychology Professor David Strayer said speaking to a computer requires more precision than speaking to a human. The cognitive distraction expert believes this may be why motorists have a tough time paying attention to the street while using voice-to-text applications.

Currently, an estimated nine million vehicles have in-dash entertainment systems installed. Over the next five years, that number is expected to rise as high as 62 million. AAA spokesperson Yolanda Cade stated the organization is concerned that a public safety crisis is now looming over the United States. In response to the AAA study results, the National Safety Council urged motor vehicle manufacturers and lawmakers to reconsider whether in-dash communication systems should be placed in new cars and trucks. The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers apparently cautioned that a number of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration studies found handheld mobile phones were more dangerous than hands-free devices.

All New Mexico drivers, passengers, bicyclists, and pedestrians are placed at risk of being hurt or killed by a distracted driver. An individual who was injured in a New Mexico traffic collision may be eligible to receive damages for their physical harm, medical expenses, lost wages and benefits, and other damages that directly resulted from the accident. Certain relatives of someone who died as a result of the actions of a distracted motorist may also be able to recover compensation for the cost of their loved one’s funeral. If you were hurt by a distracted motorist, you are advised to contact a skilled New Mexico personal injury lawyer to discuss your rights as soon as you are able.

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