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Albuquerque Drive-By Shootings – What New Mexico Injury Victims Need To Know

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Drivers hurt in Albuquerque car, truck, and motorcycle accidents usually find they are the victims of another’s negligence. However, sometimes New Mexico injury victims suffer injuries not because of negligence, but rather someone else’s intentional act, such as drive by shootings.
An Albuquerque story recently emerged in which an innocent Albuquerque woman was smoking a cigarette outside when she was caught in crossfire from two vehicles shooting at each other. Bernalillo County deputies and other New Mexico officers believe the bullets came from a drive-by shooting.

Although the woman was not seriously injured, others are often not so lucky. Many times injuries from New Mexico drive by shootings are serious if not fatal. When victims or their families call our office to see if anything can be done, the conversation typically focuses on the availability of New Mexico uninsured motorists coverage. The reason is that the shooters rarely have substantial assets and if they do have liability insurance, it almost always excludes intentional acts, such as drive-by shootings. Fortunately, New Mexico uninsured motorist coverage, will typically provide coverage in such situations.

The rules regarding New Mexico uninsured motorist coverage are complex and it is wide to discuss the situation with a New Mexico drive-by shooting and injury lawyer early on to determine how to best proceed. Although drive-by shootings are sudden attacks capable of leaving lasting injury, there may be some form of compensation available for victims and their families.