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Albuquerque Drunk Driving Laws

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New Mexico drunk driving is known to be one of worst problems our state faces. All too often we read about horrendous New Mexico drunk driving accidents that destroy families and ruin lives. As a result, various New Mexico drunk driving laws are revisited each legislative session in hopes of tweaking legal formulas to alleviate this cause of many serious and fatal New Mexico accidents. Last year, Albuquerque itself attempted to implement laws to address this issue by banning the sale of alcoholic miniatures in certain parts of the city. The logic was that these “minis” are drank almost immediately after purchase and thereby contribute to New Mexico drunk driving.
To test this theory, simply ask yourself , when have you ever gone to a friends house, been offered a drink, and served a miniature bottle of whatever. As a matter of fact, aside from an airplane ride hear and there, I have never even seen a miniature bottle other than for sale throughout Albuquerque’s street corners.
Albuquerque’s experiment was short lived when a judge recently overturned the law on the grounds that it infringed on the state’s domain. Regardless of the legal justification of the decision, hopefully the matter will be addressed next legislative session and a rational, logical, step toward bettering our state will not stall behind lobbyists and special interests.
Perhaps somewhere out there, there is a solitary person worried that they will no longer be able to stock their liquor cabinet with dozens of teeny bottles, but that is hardly a reason to allow New Mexico’s drunk driving problem to go un-targeted by lawmakers.