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Albuquerque’s New Drunk Driving Accident Crystal Ball

Posted in Auto Accidents

There really is no such thing as a crystal ball. However, the Albuquerque Police Department believes they may have found something pretty close when it comes to DWI’s. It is called an Operational Deployment Resource Allocator, and it is claimed to be able to determine the locations were there is the highest risk of someone driving drunk.Use of this DWI technology in Albuquerque is supposed to be able to take into consideration date, time, holidays, and traffic patterns to output the highest risk of drunk driving incidents. If accurate, the tool will give authorities the upper hand on where to focus their efforts to stop DWI, as well as assist drivers in Albuquerque, or throughout New Mexico in avoiding intersections where there may be a car accident.

Given the nature of New Mexico drunk driving accidents, any technology, however futuristic, certainly can’t hurt.

When asked to compute the highest risk intersections in Albuquerque during the upcoming Labor Day weekend, the machine produced the following list of the intersections with the highest likelihood of a New Mexico drunk driving accident:

1 Wyoming Blvd NE & Constitution Ave NE
2 San Mateo Blvd NE & Pan American East Highway NE
3 Griegos Rd NW & 2nd St. NW
4 Pan American East Highway NE & Montgomery Blvd NE
5 Pennsylvania St NE & Montgomery Blvd NE
6 Irving Blvd NW & Coors Blvd NW
7 San Mateo Blvd NE & Montgomery Blvd NE
8 Louisiana Blvd NE & Central Ave E
9 Wyoming Blvd NE & Menaul Blvd NE 578 10 Osuna Rd NE & Jefferson St NE
Although cannot say that I’m fully convinced with the abilities of this technology, I have to admit I find myself at Wyoming and Constitution during the Labor Day weekend I will proceed with a heightened sense of caution to say the least.