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Autism Child Abuse

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Prior beginning a career in New Mexico personal injury law, I spent some time handling criminal cases. While there is certainly an assortment of sad stories and gruesome crimes, perhaps none were as difficult to stomach as child abuse. When it comes to New Mexico child abuse cases, a recent story is perhaps more disturbing than most any other.

The incident occurred at Camelot of New Mexico when a staff member began kneeing an autistic child in the head repeatedly. The facility was built to care for and protect such special needs children, and what occurred reflects a gross disregard for the safety of patients.

Unfortunately, the story does not end there. Supposedly the mother of the victim released a statement indicating she was “happy” with her son’s medical care. When questioned on her statement the mother indicated that somebody hired by Camelot made it seem as though she had prepared statement.

When asked to comment on this claim the director of the facility claimed that although she hired a public relations firm, she could not comment on whether the mother’s claim was true.

Although the abuse of the autistic child is not necessarily the most violent, the fact that it occurred at a facility that is paid to protect children, and then perhaps tried to cover up wrongdoing is what makes this incident so troubling.