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Bad Weather Brings Semi Truck Accidents

Posted in Auto Accidents

A recent study found that roughly 13% of semi truck accidents occur during bad weather. Fortunately, bad weather in New Mexico does not occur very often, but when it does many drivers are not prepared. The same holds true for semi truck drivers who do not always exercise the caution necessary to avoid endangering the New Mexico public.I experienced this first hand last winter when I was traveling to Gallup for a hearing and was on I-40 during a blizzard. Many cars pulled to the shoulder and simply stopped driving. However, numerous semi trucks were passing vehicles on all sides traveling at high speeds. Not only were the drivers not exercising proper caution, but they seem to have a complete disregard for the smaller vehicles scattered throughout the road.

New Mexico semi truck accidents are some of the most serious given the sheer weight and size of the vehicle involved. The injuries can be serious and sometimes fatal. The New Mexico semi truck accident lawyers at the Fine Law Firm believe it is important to review the federal semi truck regulations in every semi truck accident case to determine if any rules were broken that contributed to the accident.

It is important to know that semi trucks traveling through New Mexico’s highways are obligated to abide by a strict set of regulations regarding the operation of their trucks. One such regulations specifically addresses driving in hazardous conditions and requires “extreme caution.”

When evaluating New Mexico semi truck accidents it is important to keep in mind these regulations to evaluate if the violation of any such rules contributed to the accident. Many times even the violation of a seemingly obscure regulation can result in substantial recovery for New Mexico semi truck accident victims