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Construction Site Accident in Rio Rancho Kills One and Injures Several Others

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Earlier last month in Rio Rancho, a construction site accident claimed the life of one man and seriously injured several others when five-story scaffolding collapsed at Presbyterian Rust Medical Center. According to one local news report, the accident occurred as crews were working on constructing the east wing of the facility, which was slated to open in November. However, due to the accident, the site has temporarily closed down, and the opening will be delayed.

One witness to the accident told reporters that he was inside a hospital room directly in front of the scaffolding. He recalls his wife telling him to “look, look,” and as he turned around he saw the mass of metal careening towards the ground and then several construction workers running towards the pile of debris in the aftermath. In all, one man was killed and seven others injured.

Evidently, the scaffolding was set up by construction workers employed by the general contractor used to facilitate the project. However, the one man who was killed in the accident was not an employee of the general contractor, and he seems to have been employed by a different sub-contractor.

Initially, local investigators were unable to determine the cause of the accident. Investigators with the Occupational Health and Safety Administration have since been called in to help determine why the scaffolding collapsed, and they have begun an official investigation.

Potential Causes of the Accident and Accompanying Legal Theories
There are a number of causes that could have been responsible for the collapse of the scaffolding in the accident discussed above. Two of the more likely causes are that the scaffolding was defective as manufactured or that it was improperly constructed by the general contractor’s employees. In either of these cases, the families of those injured or killed in the tragic accident may be able to recover financially for their losses.

Whether it be the design, manufacturing, or construction of the scaffolding, it is likely that at some point there was a negligent person or entity whose oversights resulted in the loss of life and injury discussed above. Of course, the investigation being conducted may be helpful in determining if the worksite was safe or if the scaffolding was defective. However, that alone will do little to provide the victims compensation for their injuries and losses. In order for accident victims to obtain the recovery they deserve, they will need to file their own civil lawsuit.

Are You Considering Filing a Lawsuit Against a Negligent Party?

If you or a loved one has recently been injured in any kind of New Mexico accident, you may be entitled to monetary damages. There are many different theories of liability when it comes to injury law, and each pertains to a distinct set of scenarios. By discussing your accident with a dedicated attorney from the Fine Law Firm, you will have a better idea of what to expect moving forward if you do decide to file your case. The skilled advocates at the Fine Law Firm have decades of combined experience bringing cases on behalf of injured New Mexicans and know what it takes to be successful in a New Mexico court. Call 505-889-FINE today to set up a free consultation.

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