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Drunk Driving Accidents in Albuquerque

Posted in Auto Accidents

Albuquerque and New Mexico car accidents are often the result of drunk drivers. Not surprisingly, during the holidays these numbers spike. Often times the question is raised regarding what extra money can be recovered from an Albuquerque drunk driving car accident.

Typically, if the drunk driver has insurance it will cover medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, disfigurement, etc. However, in addition to these damages, Albuquerque victims of drunk drivers often ask if they can also recover punitive damages to cover the drunk driver’s conduct. Most liability insurance policies exclude such damages leaving the possibility of going directly after the drunk driver.

However, if the injured party, or any household member living with him or her has uninsured motorist coverage then that may be usable to increase address the punitive damages.

Special New Mexico insurance rules exist regarding when you can settle with the drunk driver’s company and still use uninsured motorist coverage to recover punitive damages.

For this reason in is was to contact an experienced Albuquerque Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer to discuss your case in more detail.