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Everyone Gets a Day in New Mexico Court: And Then Some

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In one of the greatest wastes of time for New Mexico courts, the New Mexico Court of Appeals recently had to entertain the request of “Variable” in his attempt to change his name to “F- Censorship.” Those familiar with unusual cases will recall that in 2004 “Variable” had his name changed from “Snaphappy Fishsuit Mokiligon” after the New Mexico Court of Appeals granted leave to do so.Apparently unhappy with his current name, “Variable” was after something a bit more confrontational. I tend to associate “Variable’s” desire to change his name with gay marriage. His ability to do so one way or another will have little to no effect on my life. They are both also things that have a hard time justifying extensive state resources to debate the issue. If people want to do it, who the heck am I to stand in their way?

While the First Amendment is nothing to belittle, it is hard to reconcile the difficulties that many Albuquerque personal injury attorneys have in obtaining trial settings while some guy is arguing about his right to change his name to an explicative. I truly wish “Variable” happiness however I hope that his main change ambitions stop eating up New Mexico’s judicial resources.