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Fatal Semi Truck Accident on Highway 70

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Details are emerging from New Mexico’s latest fatal accident on Highway 70 in Chaves County outside of Roswell, New Mexico. According to initial reports, the wrongful death accident occurred when a semi truck driver was not paying attention and was overly fatigued and struck a cement truck.

Making matters worse, 2 brothers were in the cement truck at the time, Fred and Ronald Anthony. Sadly, both individuals passed away.

New Mexico semitruck accidents are often times unique claims that operate under specific laws. First, New Mexico semitruck accidents often times involved unique pieces of evidence that may not exist in other cases. For example, black boxes and on board computers often provide significant details of the facts leading up to a collision. In addition, as would be important in this case, driver logs and records and document how long a semi truck driver has been driving and whether such conduct exceeds federal standards.

In addition, by their very nature, these accidents generally occur when a negligent driver is operating a vehicle while on the clock. In these situations it may allow the accident victims to recover compensation not just from any applicable insurance policy, but also from the significant assets held by the company that employs the negligent driver.