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FedEx Las Cruces Accident on Interstate 10

Posted in Auto Accidents

An early morning, June 22, 2011, New Mexico accident near Las Cruces has claimed the life of 3 individuals.  The Albuquerque wrongful death accident occurred on Interstate 10.  While authorities are still investigating and trying to recreate the horrifying accident, initial reports suggest the FedEx driver collided with a pickup truck from behind. The New Mexico accident claimed the life of two individuals inside the passenger truck as well as the FedEx driver.

New Mexico accidents such as these are complex for many reasons. First, any Albuquerque wrongful death knows that fatal accidents must be handled with more care and attention. Often time the impact they leave on family members is profound and far reaching.  Second, accidents in which the responsible driver is working pose numerous other issues that must be addressed methodically and thoroughly.

In the event the FedEx driver is found to be responsible, the family of the victims will have various possible cases against not just the driver, but also the employer, FedEx.  In such situations, each case must be preserved and pursued to bring the highest level of justice to those suffering a loss.

Finally, survivors of fatal car accidents have various claims that they can bring.  This may include New Mexico bystander claims, or loss of consortium claims.

While injury lawyers know that no matter what, there are some losses that can never be fully compensated, and well planned case and successful result can help ease life’s pressures for those who are left coping with loss.