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Freak New Mexico Truck/Train Accident

Posted in Auto Accidents

Within the thousands of car accidents, many of which are New Mexico truck accidents, that occur each year, occasionally there are some that are so unusual and bizarre that it is impossible not to take notice. Granted there is never a New Mexico truck accident that is planned or predictable, but most certainly it easier to envision any accident other than what occurred recently on the outskirts of Albuquerque.Yep okayA freight train that was near Belen was passing through the New Mexico darkness as if it was any other night. Whatever part of a freight train can be considered calm and serene, was interrupted when a truck came flying down from the sky and landed on it. It is certainly enough that New Mexico railroad operators need to be aware of street crossings in high-traffic areas. However, there likely was no training that could prepare anyone for vehicles falling from the sky.

Although New Mexico authorities are still investigating the incident, it appears that a truck traveling on I-25 lost control while on an overpass and fell on top of a freight train. Early accounts suggest that nobody on the train was injured and that the driver of the truck survived the incident without serious injury.

From a New Mexico personal injury lawyer‘s perspective, this accident has so many possible causes and theories that it resembles a bar exam question more than a real-life occurrence.