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How Long Do Semi-Truck Accident Cases Last?

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The average semi-truck accident results in injuries that are severe or catastrophic, along with expensive medical bills. Most victims also have damaged vehicles that require repairs or replacing. It is natural to want to resolve your semi-truck accident claim as quickly as possible so you can finally move forward. Unfortunately, truck accidents have complicated insurance claim processes. You may be able to speed things up with a few tips.

How Long Do Semi-Truck Accident Cases Last?

Average Settlement Timeline for a Truck Accident

The average personal injury claim settles within about one year. It is important to keep in mind, however, that average settlement timelines may not apply to your case. Every case is different. Understanding how long your semi-truck accident case will take requires looking at the factors involved. If you have a simple case with minor injuries and clear liability, you may be able to settle with an insurance company in just a few months. If you have catastrophic injuries with a long recovery time, your case could take longer than one year.

Factors That Can Slow Things Down

Estimating the timeframe for your semi-truck accident case in Albuquerque takes analyzing the factors that could slow it down. While these are unique to each claim and client, certain issues universally add time to an injury claim in New Mexico.

Your Injuries and Medical Care

One of the main elements involved in how long a case will take is your injuries. It is not in your best interest to settle your semi-truck accident case before you reach the point of maximum medical improvement. This is the point where your doctor believes you will not recover from your injuries any further. Waiting until you reach this point is important to accurately estimate your past and future medical costs. Depending on your injury, however, waiting for your point of maximum medical improvement could add weeks or months to your claim.

The Insurance Process

The insurance claims process itself can vary in time according to the case and the insurance company. If you make a mistake on your initial forms, such as forgetting to put certain information down, this could delay your claim. Make it as easy as possible for the insurance company to process your claim by providing full information the first time around. If the insurance company is denying its policyholder’s liability for your accident, this could also delay your case. If the liability dispute persists, you may need to take your claim to trial rather than settling. A trial will take longer than a settlement, especially if the courts are busy and cannot schedule your court date until months later.

Can You Speed Up Your Semi-Truck Accident Case?

Just as certain factors can slow your semi-truck accident case down, others may be able to speed it up. While, in general, a semi-truck accident case will take longer than other accidents due to complicated factors such as company liability, you may still be able to achieve an efficient and timely insurance claim with a few tips.

First, be prepared. Gather as much information as you can about your truck accident before calling the insurance company. Having information and evidence to support your claim ready could cut time out of negotiations. Next, hire an attorney. Giving your case over to a truck accident lawyer in Albuquerque could allow you to save time on your claim. Your lawyer will know how to handle complicated insurance processes as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Try to be patient with your semi-truck accident case. While it is understandable to want to receive your settlement as soon as possible, do not accept a lowball offer in your eagerness. Some cases take longer to resolve but end in the claimant receiving maximum compensation for his or her losses. Work with the truck accident attorney to keep the legal process efficient while protecting your right to recover.