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If You Have Been Injured by an Albuquerque Bus, Read This!

Posted in Auto Accidents

Our New Mexico personal injury attorneys often times receive calls from people injured due to negligent bus drivers for the City of Albuquerque and other New Mexico cities. Because of this, I was especially intrigued to see a local story about Albuquerque’s own Transit Director who believed it was a good idea to release to the public, videos of his drivers driving poorly.Victims of Albuquerque bus accidents and injuries will be especially interested to view the video and its depiction of Albuquerque bus drivers text messaging, beating up passengers, and showing disregard for passenger safety. The video of Albuquerque bus drivers is even more shocking given the fact that many of the scenes shown involve pending injury cases.

Anyone injured because of an Albuquerque bus should be aware that New Mexico law requires written notice be sent to the relevant officials within 90 days of the injury to preserve the right to pursue a claim.