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Is Santa Fe Responsible for Bus Driver’s Conduct?

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Local news is reporting a Santa Fe bus driver is behind bars following reports that he molested, or at least inappriately touched, his young passengers.  The story began to unravel when one especially shrewd passenger managed to record the Santa Fe bus driver’s horrendous conduct on her camera phone.  After the recording was shared with Santa Fe authorities, the bus driver was called in for questioning. 

According you reports, the bus driver quickly confessed to having contact with not only the student who recorded his assault, but also other victims including an 8-year-old. Admittedly, no possible financial recovery could reverse the impact that the bus driver had on each of his victims however, the question nonetheless remains, who could be held responsible for the driver’s conduct. Typically, such matters are goverened by New Mexico personal injury theories of agency. Agency liability claims are premised on the theory that an employer can be responsible for the actions or conduct of an employee. Although all New Mexico injury cases must be evaluated separately, common themes that arise are whether or not the employee: was in the course and scope of his employment, was acting under the direction of any supervisor, had a pattern of behavior or record that suggested such conduct was likely to occur, or even if the employee appeared to be an agent of the employer.


Although the bus drivers currently incarcerated and facing significant criminal charges, this does not preclude victims from pursuing civil lawsuits that seek money damages. Although the story is still developing, it is clear that the girl who managed to record the attack not only saved herself future encounters, but also saved countless others a similar fate.