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Is Your Insurance Company One of the Worst?

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The American Association of Justice recently released the results of a survey of the nation’s worst insurance companies. Although all of the notorious New Mexico insurance companies are not on the list, some do appear. The study focuses on court documents, testimony, complaints filed, news accounts, and FBI records.

Client’s often times do not understand the importance of an insurance company in a New Mexico auto accident case, but often times the insurance company will determine the pace and direction of the case. There are some New Mexico insurance companies whom an experienced New Mexico injury lawyer knows that it will be necessary to file a lawsuit against. Other insurance companies are easier to work with and will resolve much earlier. Being aware of the the style of the insurance company you are going up against is crucial to begin the case and get it moving in the right direction.

As far as the list goes, according to the American Association of Justice, Allstate, Farmers, and Liberty Mutual scored some of the worst scores and are more likely than not to result in a bumpy litigation road. If you are unsure of how your insurance company compares with the rest, it may be worth speaking with a New Mexico injury lawyer regarding what can be done.