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Large Out-Of-State Cerebral Palsy Verdict

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As cerebral palsy lawyer‘s, we often monitor verdicts throughout the country to stay informed of any jury trends. Such focus brought our attention to Pennsylvania when a child and his family was recently awarded $20.5 million in a cerebral palsy lawsuit. Although the trial lasted for over two weeks, the jury deliberated for just four hours before reading the verdict.

The cerebral palsy case arose from the nature in which the child’s birth was handled in 2001. Essentially, the claim involved the mother who arrived at the hospital and the fetal monitor showed clear signs of distress. Although the hospital called the doctor, it took the doctor roughly 2 hours to arrive. In cerebral palsy lawsuits, this delay is crucial as it results in deprivation of oxygen and loss of brain function. By the time the doctor did arrive the child’s brain had been damaged and at birth he was born with cerebral palsy, mental retardation, and blindness.

As result of the inadequate care during childbirth, the child is now require constant medical care and will never be able to walk. The verdict itself is without a doubt a large one, however, it is important to note that in cerebral palsy cases large portions of the verdicts are used for basic and essential needs which are incredibly expensive.