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Life after New Mexico Cerebral or Erbs Palsy

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A recent story about a young man diagnosed with cerebral palsy since birth is helping many families maintain hope and cope with New Mexico cerebral palsy & Erb’s palsy diagnoses. The story details the journey taken after the cerebral palsy diagnoses. Written off by his doctors and told he would never walk, Gregory, did not give up and taught himself to not only walk, but golf.Although professional golf dreams were out of reach, he said a far more meaningful one of being able to walk every hole of the PGA Tour. He is set to walk his final hole in the near future which translates to roughly 1000 miles. While Gregory’s situation is exceptional, it is the product of both his perseverance as well as medical assistance. As a child he underwent numerous surgeries to minimize the effects of cerebral palsy.

As a New Mexico cerebral palsy and Erbs palsy attorney, this story highlighted the positive aspects that could come from unfortunate situations. As noted in the article, the medical care Gregory received was detailed and costly. Although no New Mexico cerebral palsy or Erb’s palsy litigation can reverse the diagnosis, the proceeds can nonetheless be used for needed treatment, and the pursuit of meaningful dreams.