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More Attention to New Mexico Traumatic Brain Injuries

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Each year many New Mexicans suffer serious brain injuries. As any experienced New Mexico brain injury lawyer could tell you, or a jury, the effects of such brain injuries are serious and far reaching. Even though they are sometimes difficult to diagnose, traumatic brain injuries, or TBI’s are some of the most catastrophic injuries one could suffer.Recently, the causes and effects of traumatic brain injuries are being explored by national groups. One such group has begun focusing on traumatic brain injuries due to their increased frequency in our returning troops. According to one statistic, one in five returning soldiers has experienced a TBI. The study revealed that although the nature of a traumatic brain injury varies from victim to victim, generally, that occur after a period of unconsciousness and is capable of producing short or long term disability.

Although there is nothing to celebrate regarding the increase of traumatic brain injuries, many scientists and medical providers are optimistic that increased attention to TBI’s will help develop new treatments and methods of diagnoses. Until then, New Mexico traumatic brain injury lawyers must remain up-to-date on the constantly developing science behind the devastating injury.