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New Mexico Cerebral Palsy and Premature Deliveries

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A new study by the March of Dimes rated all 50 states for frequency of premature deliveries. This study brings to light the the fact that premature births can be a cause of Cerebral Palsy, and highlights that there may be certain things that can be done to prevent it. The study gave New Mexico a “D” grade with respect to premature births. However, that was the average grade across the nation.

There are numerous causes of New Mexico Cerebral Palsy and I truly do not intend to suggest that all New Mexico Cerebral Palsy births are preventable. However, studies have in fact shown that many are. Instead, a major contributing factor to the high incidents of New Mexico Cerebral Palsy is complications that arise during prenatal care, as well as delivery. Many of these complications may be preventable. Damages recovered in Cerebral Palsy claims in New Mexico can often times be used to assist the child with special needs costs long into their lives.