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New Mexico Driver Collides With Another Vehicle and Crashes into a Light Pole, Killing One and Injuring Three

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In a tragic accident last month, one woman was killed and three others were injured when their car clipped another vehicle and smashed head-on into a light pole. According to a report by a Fox affiliate KFOX15, the driver was speeding and drove through a red light at an intersection in Anthony, New Mexico, when he struck a car that was stopped at the traffic light and veered into a light pole. None of the occupants had their seat belts on, and the front seat passenger was ejected from the car and died on the scene. The other occupants were severely injured and airlifted to a hospital in El Paso, Texas.

According to the report, the car was speeding by at least 15 miles an hour when it entered the intersection, and there was no evidence that the driver applied the brakes before crashing. Police believe that the driver was drunk at the time, and that his intoxication played a role in the accident.

Drunk, Negligent, and Reckless Driving in New Mexico

In New Mexico, drivers face various penalties for driving recklessly and causing injury, death or property damage. The driver from last month’s accident can face criminal penalties for drunk or reckless driving, battery, and manslaughter. Additionally, the driver may be financially liable to the injured passengers and the family of the deceased woman. If the driver of the car had auto insurance, his insurance company could also be liable for damages. Accidents caused by drunk or reckless driving result in significant costs, and unfortunately the victims of these accidents can rarely afford the expense.

The Legal Case for Damages

The laws of New Mexico protect victims that are hurt or killed in auto accidents that are caused by the negligence of a driver involved. If the driver is breaking the law and that conduct directly relates to the cause of the accident, he is said to be negligent per se, and liability is much easier to prove in court. The driver in last month’s accident was speeding, ran a red light, and may have been intoxicated. The other occupants may have a legal case against the driver for wrongful death, reimbursement of medical costs, lost work and their pain and suffering. Because the driver was likely negligent per se, the other occupants may have a strong case against the driver, and could be entitled to a large settlement or jury award. Most auto accidents result from the negligence of at least one driver, who should be held responsible for his or her actions.

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