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New Mexico Drunk Driving’s New Poster Boy

Posted in Auto Accidents

New Mexico drunk driving accidents are problems. Heck, New Mexico DWI itself is a problem. When somebody is charged and convicted with DWI, we get bothered and hope that it wont happen again. When somebody gets a second DWI there is more anger that it happened again. When a New Mexico drunk driver picks up his or her third, fourth, or fifth DWI it becomes clear that he or she is basically beyond rehabilitation and the frustration focuses on the system that allows the ongoing problems.Well, its hard to describe what to think when a New Mexico driver picks up his 22 DWI arrests. That is exactly what happened to Delano Vigil. During his last escapade he was arrested and subsequently blew .39 blood alcohol level. Thats right, .39. It seems that Delano is trying to set two New Mexico records: the most drunk driving arrests, and the highest blood alcohol level.

Prior to his last arrest Delano had been charged 5 times in New Mexico and another 16 elsewhere. However, it appears that he wont be going anywhere for a while. Delano must now answer to warrants in San Miguel County, Bernalillo County, and Sandoval County. All warrants seem to stem from drunk driving related offenses.

As of right now, Delano is a poster buy for change in New Mexico drunk driving laws. Honestly though, as a lawyer who sues New Mexico drunk drivers, I’m not convinced that any law will keep prevent a 23rd, 24th, or 25th arrest so long has he has any access to a car. Hopefully I’m wrong.