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New Mexico Man Dies in Iowa Accident Involving Slippery Roads

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Earlier this week in Iowa, two men were killed in a rollover accident on Highway 30. According to a report by, one of the men was from Corrales, New Mexico and the other from Plant City, Florida. Apparently, shortly after 7 a.m. the driver of the vehicle lost control of the vehicle and it ended up in a ditch. Both men were pronounced dead at the scene. The cause of the accident is still under investigation; however, police believe that icy winter roads played a part.

Even in New Mexico, Slippery Roads Can Be a Hazard

Snow-covered, icy roads are not what most people think of when they think about New Mexico. However, the truth is that parts of our beautiful state do see some significant winter weather for several months out of the year. During these times, it is critical that drivers reassess their driving strategies to account for the condition of the roads and their decreased ability to control their vehicles and come to a complete stop.

When roads are wet, slippery, icy, or snow-covered, the responsible driver will slow down to account for differences in the car’s handling. This may mean to drive at a speed that is less than the posted speed limit. In fact, in New Mexico a driver can be cited for traveling the speed limit, if the conditions do not warrant such a speed.

Driving Too Fast For Conditions

If a driver is traveling too fast for the conditions, even though he or she is still driving the speed limit, they may still be found to be liable for any accident that their driving caused. For New Mexico accident victims this means that there still may be an avenue for recovery, although the other driver is not technically driving faster than the posted speed limit.

Often, proving this type of negligence at trial will require presenting an expert in traffic safety to testify what the safe traveling speed was at the time of the accident. This may be a police officer or someone else who has first-hand experience or knowledge of safe traveling speeds in inclement weather.

Have You Been Involved in a New Mexico Car Accident?

If you have been recently involved in an Albuquerque car accident, you should immediately consult with an experienced and dedicated New Mexico accident attorney. Both the traffic laws and personal injury laws in New Mexico are not always cut and dry, and the unwary accident victim may end up missing a critical point in his or her favor. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, contact The Fine Law Firm and speak to one of their skilled New Mexico personal injury attorneys. With their assistance you will be able to better assess your legal situation and what course of action may be the best for you and your family. Contact the firm online, or call 505-889-FINE to speak to an experienced New Mexico personal injury attorney today.

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