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New Mexico Man Killed by Collision with Sleeping Driver’s Truck

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A man from Odessa, New Mexico was killed while travelling in a vehicle that was struck by Ford pickup truck in Lea County earlier this month. According to a report, it was around 11:45 PM on Sunday, April 6 when a 2012 Ford pickup truck veered into oncoming traffic on State Road 128 and crashed head on into another truck, killing a passenger in the second truck and seriously injuring the driver. The driver of the 2012 Ford, who had reportedly fallen asleep while driving, suffered only minor cuts and bruises.

The Dangers of Drowsy Driving
Police reported that they did not believe alcohol was a factor in the crash, and the driver of the truck had simply fallen asleep behind the wheel. On roads and highways away from cities, especially at night, it can be more difficult to see and worse yet, easier to fall asleep. Some drivers try to listen to loud music or drink caffeinated beverages to stay awake, but once a driver thinks to get a coffee they are usually already too drowsy to safely be driving on the road. Unlike drunk or impaired driving, there is no test for drowsiness, and when someone falls asleep and causes an accident, the authorities will not know they were sleeping unless the driver volunteers that information. Because of this, drowsy driving probably causes even more accidents and injuries than are reported each year.

The Legal Consequences of Causing an Accident
Accidents caused by drowsy driving cause many fatalities in New Mexico every year. In addition to deaths, the accidents can cause severe injury and lead to permanent disability. When an accident is caused by drowsy driving, it is not always easy to see who is at fault. In the accident noted above, it appears that the driver that had fallen asleep admitted it to authorities. This does not always happen. Sometimes, independent evidence must be looked at to see if drowsiness was a factor. In the above story, the sleeping driver could have been at fault for the accident even if he was not drowsy, because he had veered into oncoming traffic. Not all drowsy driving accidents occur in this manner. Often a driver falls asleep for only a moment and causes an accident that can kill or injure innocent drivers. Victims that are injured or killed by drowsy driving are entitled to compensation. Although insurance companies can be quick to offer settlements for accident cases, consulting with a Albuquerque accident attorney is the best way to protect yourself after suffering injury in any kind of auto accident.

Do you Need to Contact an Attorney?

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