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New Mexico Perscription and Medication Errors

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Prescription medication injuries and death are often times related to inappropriate medications being given or, appropriate medications being given with inappropriate dosages. However, there are also many New Mexico medication injuries caused not by inappropriate prescriptions, but rather the way in which the prescriptions are filled by a pharmacy.

It is not difficult to understand how these cases can arise. A doctor, while visiting with the patient, may order numerous prescriptions for the patient to fill. As is common, these prescription orders are often scratched into the paper and with an illegible series of symbols. It is then up to the pharmacist to correctly interpret a prescription and fill it in the way it was intended.

There are many ways in which a pharmacist or technician can fill a prescription inappropriately. Whether the medication is misread, or mistakes are made regarding strength of the medication, dosage, and frequency of use, the results can be devastating to the unsuspecting patient.

Our New Mexico prescription error lawyers have seen numerous such cases and are aware that often times it is crucial to compare the physician orders with the pharmacy records. Typically any such inconsistencies will result in a possible case against the pharmacist and his or her employer.