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New Mexico Traumatic Brain Injuries in Children

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New Mexico traumatic brain injuries have some of the most far-reaching, life-changing, and packets on accident and injury victims. Often times they are difficult to diagnose medically, although they are obvious to the victim and their friends and family members. These New Mexico traumatic brain injuries become more troubling when the victims our children rather than adults. Not only does this make it more difficult to diagnose, but also allows the possibility of more prolonged impact throughout the injury victim’s life.Scientists have recently been exploring the connection between ADHD and traumatic brain injuries. Although they found that children who sustained traumatic brain injuries are twice as likely to be diagnosed with ADHD later in life, the question regarding why was not answered.

Recently, scientists in England have concluded that traumatic brain injuries in children are just as likely to increase susceptibility of ADHD as our burns. In the study, they took over 62,000 children and divided them into those who had been seriously burned, and those with dramatic head injuries. They found that the uninjured and unburned children had a 1.5% risk of being diagnosed with ADHD. The children who had sustained a brain or head injury had an 11.3% chance of the same diagnosis.

In many ways, this study highlighted the connection between a child’s traumatic brain injury and the subsequent development of ADHD. However, the reason has not yet been fully explained.

From a New Mexico traumatic brain injury lawyer’s perspective, this study highlights the need to ensure that injured children are fully evaluated and all aspects of their case are taken into consideration. Failure to account for risk of subsequent illness or disability may leave the injured child shortchanged.