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New Mexico Traumatic Brain Injury Resource

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I recently came across the dramatic brain injury training kit. It is a resource designed to assist people cope with victims of such injuries. The site does a good job explaining a dramatic brain injury victim’s difficulty in handling daily activities. According to the resource, a traumatic brain injury victim will have a hard time with rational reasoning, money management, memory, fatigue, smell, taste, as well as a full laundry list of things we take for granted.The website also includes numerous statistics about traumatic brain injuries such as the major cause is from serious car accident. In addition, men are three times more likely to suffer a traumatic brain injury than women and they most often occur in 15-25-year-olds. The severity of the traumatic brain injury is not always measured by the force of the impact, but rather the length of time that the victim suffers post-traumatic amnesia.

In addition, the treatment for dramatic brain injury generally includes three separate phases. Acute management, community reintegration, and finally social rehabilitation. The impact of a New Mexico traumatic brain injury both on the victim and family is great during each of these three steps and the stress placed on friends and family cannot be ignored after the rehabilitation process is complete.