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Number of Pedestrian Deaths in Albuquerque Hits Yearly Average with More than Three Months Remaining in 2014

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A recent auto-pedestrian collision at the corner of Coors Boulevard and Iliff road in Albuquerque resulted in the 17th pedestrian fatality this year from traffic accidents in the city. According to an article from, there is an average of 17 pedestrian fatalities from Albuquerque traffic accidents every year, and it looks as if the number of deaths this year could easily surpass that average and then some.

Police note that the accidents are generally caused by speeding and jaywalking, but a common contributing factor in both types of accidents is alcohol. Drunk drivers are more likely to speed and less likely to notice pedestrians in the roadway, and drunk pedestrians are more likely to jaywalk or step into the road in the path of oncoming traffic and get hit by a car. It can be difficult to reconstruct exactly what happened after an accident, but if the driver of the car was drunk at the time the pedestrian is hit, he or she is much more likely to be held accountable for the accident.

Drunk Drivers in New Mexico
A New Mexico drunk driver who hits a pedestrian can be held accountable for the accident in both criminal and civil court. The driver can be cited for DUI and possibly charged with assault or homicide, depending on the injury caused. In addition to serious criminal charges, a drunk driver who injures or kills a pedestrian can be held responsible civilly for the damages caused. An injured victim can file a New Mexico personal injury lawsuit against the drunk driver and seek compensation for the damages related to the accident.

A New Mexico auto-pedestrian accident can be devastating to the victim or victims and their families. In addition to the pain and suffering that can be caused by an accident, victims usually are responsible for substantial expenses related to medical, funeral, or other costs. Paying for all this when one is grieving or unable to work can be a nightmare. A civil lawsuit is the best way to get compensated for the loss and help pay for expenses, but filing and arguing a lawsuit can be a complicated and difficult experience. It is nearly impossible for an accident victim to successfully negotiate with an insurance company in the wake of an accident and know if he or she is getting a fair deal.

Are You in Need of an Attorney?

If you or someone you love has been in an auto-pedestrian or drunk-driving accident, the New Mexico personal injury attorneys at The Fine Law Firm are interested in helping you with your case. Our accident lawyers have the experience that is needed to know how strong a case you have, and to negotiate with the insurance companies and other attorneys to get you the most for your loss. We’re not afraid to take cases to trial if the other side is not being fair to our clients, and we always use every tool at our disposal to get our clients what they deserve. The Fine Law Firm handles all types of personal injury cases, including drunk-driving and auto-pedestrian accidents. Schedule a consultation through our website or call (585)889-3463 today and see if we can help with your case
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