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Police Pursuit – What to do when your chasing a moron

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New Mexico police pursuit accidents are not the most common type of accidents, but when they occur, often result in serious or even fatal injuries. Typically, the basis of these injury cases involve claims that local authorities did not properly handle a police pursuit and instead, jeopardized the safety of New Mexico public.

News arising out of Iowa seems to reflect good judgment by pursuing officers during a motorcycle chase. A motorcyclist first drew the attention of police by speeding at 90 mph through a construction zone. When officers attempted to pull the motorcyclist over, he increased his speed to a whopping 188 mph. The moron motorcyclist exhibited a sliver of intelligence when he slowed to 158 mph to pass other vehicles.When the chase entered more populated areas, the police balanced apprehending the suspect and charging him with driving offenses, with the overall safety of the public. This balancing test resulted in the police falling back in following the suspect by air surveillance. When the motorcyclist pulled into a parking garage, the police surrounded the area and arrested him.

While no one can condone the motorcyclist’s driving, the police must be applauded for calling off the chase and preventing what would likely have been a horrific motorcycle accident. In the event that all police officers acted with such judgment and discretion, there would likely not be nearly as many New Mexico police pursuit accidents.