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Recent New Mexico Uninsured Motorist Study

Posted in Auto Accidents

The New Mexico injury lawyer blog has provided, on numerous occasions, a soapbox on which to emphasize the importance of New Mexico uninsured motorist coverage. However, a recent study by the Insurance Research Council serves to reinforce this position. Be recent study concluded that New Mexico led to the nation and 2007 with uninsured motorists. These statistics showed that one out of every four New Mexico drivers, get behind the wheel without insurance in. This would mean that any New Mexico accident victim has a one out of four chance of the responsible party having no insurance.

The study also found a correlation between economic conditions and uninsured motorists. The connection suggests that the worse the economic situation, the more uninsured motorists there are on the roads. Although this is certainly not the primary concern with the nation’s current economic crisis, it is nonetheless an effect of it that cannot be ignored.

The study points out that uninsured motorist coverage becomes more of a necessity when a number of insured drivers in the surrounding area decreases. Hopefully to be one out of four statistic will encourage more New Mexico drivers to obtain uninsured motorist coverage and ensure that they are adequately protected. Until then, the study places New Mexico at the top of yet another undesirable list.