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Reliability of Las Cruces Red Light Cameras Called Into Question

Posted in Auto Accidents

In May, a district court judge threw out a traffic citation after he found that a Las Cruces man who received a red light camera ticket was denied due process of law. In the case, the registered owner of a vehicle appealed a citation issued to him for failing to stop at a red light despite that he was allegedly not driving his vehicle on the day in question. After the ticket was upheld in an administrative hearing, the man appealed the decision to the district court. In a 31-page decision, Judge Manuel Arrieta stated the City of Las Cruces committed a number of errors at the hearing and held that the ticket should be tossed out because the vehicle owner was denied the right to cross-examine a key witness. Despite that a technician who calibrated the red light camera was unavailable for cross-examination, the City apparently introduced evidence that the camera was accurate and calibrated. According to the district court judge, evidence that the man’s car was in the intersection did not sufficiently prove he committed a traffic violation.

In response to the district court judge’s ruling, the City of Las Cruces has filed an appeal with the New Mexico Court of Appeals. Las Cruces City Attorney Harry “Pete” Connelly said current legal precedent in New Mexico supports the use of red light cameras such as those at issue. The appellate court has not yet stated whether or not it will hear the case or let Judge Arrieta’s decision stand. Such a decision may take several months.

Unfortunately, many drivers and passengers are catastrophically hurt or killed in New Mexico traffic intersections each year. Tragic car accidents may be caused by many factors including an intoxicated, impaired, inattentive, or reckless motorist. Collisions can also result from hazardous road conditions and motor vehicle defects. Individuals who are injured by a negligent driver in New Mexico may be entitled to receive financial compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages and benefits, pain and suffering, and any temporary or permanent disability that resulted from the accident. Certain close relatives of those killed in an automobile crash may also be eligible to recover for their loved one’s funeral expenses and other damages. Contact an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your options for recovery in more detail.

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