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Rio Rancho Personal Injury

Since nearly before it was ever a city, The Fine Law Firm has been helping Rio Rancho residents with their Rio Rancho personal injury cases. Rio Rancho accident and injury cases typically involve the following elements.

Rio Rancho Personal Injury Law

Rio Rancho, despite being next door to Albuquerque is in a separate County, Sandoval County. As a result, Rio Rancho accident and injury cases must be filed in the 13th Judicial District, often at Rio Rancho’s courthouse. This means that Rio Rancho has its own set of local rules that must be following for each Rio Rancho injury case.

Rio Rancho Car Accidents

Rio Rancho has been one of New Mexico’s fasted growing cities. Along with the rapid growth comes heavy traffic, sometimes insufficient roads, and an increasing number of Rio Rancho car accidents. As any Rio Rancho resident would agree, traffic is something the City of Vision must always address. The main Rio Rancho artery, 528 or Rio Rancho Blvd, seems to get the majority of traffic. However, that is not to say Unser Blvd, Northern, and even 550 don’t have their share.

Rio Rancho Truck Accidents

Rio Rancho truck accidents are also on the rise. The increased commercial activity and construct means that semi-trucks most meander the streets of Rio Rancho. Rio Rancho semi-truck accidents are can be some of the most serious of accidents that occur.

Rio Rancho Bicycle & Rio Rancho Pedestrian Accidents

Rio Rancho is a city built with the pedestrian in mind. Many of the major roads share bike routes and walkways for recreational use. This, in a addition to Rio Rancho’s numerous schools, means that there is an abundance of Rio Rancho bicycle accidents and pedestrian accidents. As is common with most such accidents, Rio Rancho bicycle and pedestrian accidents typically include erroneous police reports.

Rio Rancho Medical Malpractice

With almost every major medical provider opening satellite locations in Rio Rancho, the city is also seeing an increase in Rio Rancho medical malpractice case. Such malpractice cases often involve surgical mistakes, prenatal care, and missed diagnosis cases.

Rio Rancho Wrongful Death and other Injuries

Our Rio Rancho wrongful death lawyers handle cases of all sorts including Rio Rancho car, truck and motorcycle accidents. We have also handled numerous Rio Rancho wrongful death cases. While the circumstances the cause Rio Rancho wrongful death cases a vast, our wrongful death attorneys handle each one with diligence, dedication, and zealous representation.